Sublime or not?

Hello everybody!

Recently, I've had a question that popped into my head: Should I use Sublime to write my python code? Or should I use a different text editor, like Visual Studio or one of the other big ones? I've been a bit confused about this and want to make the best choice before I start coding on my local machine. 

Thanks peeps!

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Welcome to the forums @q.programs!

To be honest, the exact editor you want to use doesn’t hugely matter. I personally use VSCode and it’s what I would suggest myself as I feel it’s more powerful but either would be more than fine and it’s mostly just a case of finding one that you can get experience in and feel comfortable using.

Basically any modern code editor would have all the features you would need and would be great! :smile:


Oh wow! Thank you!

Thanks so much I was really nervous about the topic. I think I’ll use Visual Studio for my python projects.

Thanks again for the reply!


Awesome! VSCode has this article that has some information on running Python on it that I’d recommend reading through if you get a chance as it’ll run you through some of the VSCode specific features like IntelliSense.

Glad I could help :smile:!