Sublime css file not working

Please help guys.
i was creating a portfolio website for practice, while i was working i finished the heading section and commented and then i moved to another line and to start styling other sections usually my sublime automatically open and close the brackets but right now it’s not working and i dont’ know why when i work on the html file it works okay but in CSS it’s not working i dont’ know why

Such problems are difficult to troubleshoot over a forum, the best thing you can do is upload the project folder to dropbox/google drive, so we can see the project (including file structure)

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@stetim94 thank you for your reply if i take a screen shot and poste it in here would it help to solve this problem

If this include 3 screenshots:

the file structure of project
html code
css code

but screenshot is not as nice to work with as the actual code

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What? That is the css file?

the comment is the only css code in there, the rest is all html code.

move the html code to the html file, it also explains why it won’t auto close, it doesn’t expect html code in a css file

in css we make the green class green:

.green {
    color: green;

don’t forget to link the html and css file

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