subLength() problem, why doesnt my code work?

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Hey, I don’t understand why my code does not work. The push method just adds the same index to the array twice.
// Write function below

function subLength (long, short) {
  let counter = 0;
  let longSplit = long.split('');
  let indizes = [];
  for (charac of longSplit) {
    if (charac === short) {
      counter += 1;
  }Preformatted text
  if (counter < 2 || counter > 2) {
    return 0;
  let dif = indizes[1] - indizes[0];
  return dif;
subLength('mraian', 'a');

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Hi @byte5582530562
from the MDN docs:

The indexOf() method returns the first index at which a given element can be found in the array…

In your case, a for loop or forEach (with the index as a parameter) would be a better option.