Subject: Seeking Assistance with Instagram Reels OCR - Extracting Text from Reels

Hello fellow developers,

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently seeking assistance and guidance in extracting text from Instagram Reels, specifically the text that is displayed within the Reel itself. I believe there are others who might be interested in a similar tool, and I’m eager to find a solution or gather insights from the community.

To clarify, I am aware that OCR tools exist for extracting text from images. However, in the case of Instagram Reels, the text is often presented within a video format rather than a static image. My goal is to find a way to extract the written-out text that accompanies the spoken words in a Reel and save it into a separate document or format.

One of my main objectives is to transform the texts from several hundred reels into a single text document. Therefore, scalability and efficiency are important considerations for the proposed solution.

I’ve explored the possibility of using existing OCR libraries, but I couldn’t find a straightforward solution that directly extracts text from Instagram Reels. I’m reaching out to this community to seek advice, recommendations, or any insights you might have regarding:

  1. Existing tools or libraries that can extract text from Instagram Reels.
  2. Alternative approaches or methods to achieve the desired text extraction.
  3. Any relevant resources, documentation, or tutorials that can help me in this pursuit.

I understand that the process may involve extracting text from screenshots or still frames from the Reels, followed by using OCR technology to convert the image-based text to actual text. However, I’m particularly interested in any tools or methods that can directly handle the dynamic nature of Instagram Reels.

I greatly appreciate any assistance, suggestions, or pointers you can provide. Please feel free to share your knowledge, experiences, or any relevant projects you may have come across. Thank you in advance for your time and support.

Best regards, Sonya

@sonyason I am not a developer but I personally felt the need to acquire some way that we can extract the text from these reels and also search for a specific reel that we liked or saved many many days ago. In this way we can not only increase the efficiency and working of educational and academic reels thereby helping people actually grab some fruitful result out of these liked reels but also increase the worth of the content creators. Looking forward to acquire knowledge over this and also an opportunity for my college project.

You’d have to read up on Instagram’s (Meta’s) API documentation for that.