How to apply styling on textfields and checkboxes ( including checkboxes’ labels ) ?

For the label, we can use a type selector:

label {
    font-family: Georgia;
    font-weight: bold;
    color: red;

For the input text we should be able to style the value attribute, but you will need to test this:

input['value'] {
    font family: Geogia;
    font-weight: bold;
    color: maroon;

Please let us know if this works.

Just found this page that may be of some help:

How to style forms with CSS: A beginner’s guide - LogRocket Blog

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and for checkboxes?? like I want to apply padding on checkboxes with its labels so there will be a normal gap between 4 labels with checkboxes

Take a look at the picture below
I want gap between these 4 checkboxes along with their images. for ex: FB logo with its checkbox (already fine) then there should be a little space between fb’s checkbox and insta’s checkbox and so on. Kindly help me to acheive this task

Hi @mhs_007 I’m not sure what your mark up looks like, but you could achieve this by adding margin-right to the input. If this doesn’t work, comnent with your HTML and it might be easier to figure out where you need to put margin or padding.