Styling a link


I'm trying to style my a:link, but it won't let me change the color of a:hover. I included a:link and a:visited, but it still doesn't work.


Can you copy and paste your html and css?


yeah. u can highlight the text, then use ctrl+c to copy, then put your cursor where u want to paste and use ctrl+v


You misinterpreted.

I want you to copy and paste your HTML & CSS.


Ok. What section do you want?


All of your HTML and the CSS that you're attempting to use the pseudo selectors with.


You probably don't know this, but you can use &lt .; without to period to make a < that the forums will show.


&lt; makes < and &gt; makes >
Alternatively, put a line of three backticks above and below your code like so:

<!-- code goes here -->

Please post all of your code, thanks :slight_smile:


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