<style></style> entered as instructed, still says whoops


I'm a complete beginner but I've followed the basic instructions in the 30 min goal section on creating a website about yourself, the first task presented in the 'about you' section is to add <style></style> 'BEFORE THE <h1></h1>, what am I doing wrong???

<style></style><!-- I'm a comment. You won't actually see me on the web page.
     You should write your header in the line below me! -->
     <h1> goego </h1>


Have you already tried putting those style tags on a line by themselves? In the code that you've posted they are sharing a line with that comment.

Also, which web browser are you using?

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Same here. Kind of tried all the possibilities but it still doesn't work.


HI Guys, I am Dave, I am having the same problems with I tried many ways, still stuck


@courseslayer03126, @davepg16

As a first step in troubleshooting, please post your code so that I can see what you see.

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I switched from firefox to chromium-browser and it worked.


Here is my code

<h1> DaveG</h1>
<p> I am looking forward to learning how to code.  I'd like to get my kids interested in coding instead of the many mind-numbing hours they spend watching YouTube Videos!</p>
<input type="email" placeholder ="Email"
"<input type='submit'>


Hi @davepg16,

Are you using Firefox?

Also, it may not be related to your current error message but this will still be causing you some problems:

<input type="email" placeholder ="Email"
"<input type='submit'>

That should be:

<input type="email" placeholder ="Email">
<input type='submit'>


I am haveing the same problem and I am using default Microsoft edge with a Toshiba windows 10


I can't test with Win 10 at the moment but I will try to remember to do that tomorrow.

In the meantime, try this hack:

  • put your <script></script> tags on line 1
  • copy and delete the rest of your code
  • submit, and hopefully trick the code checker into letting you pass
  • go to the next exercise and paste your other code back in


I am using Firefox and the only way I got it to work was to delete everything and put this on line 1:

If it matters, I am using Xubuntu.


i tried to use but it still does not work i am using Microsoft edge windows 10


I'm finding that Edge isn't very happy with these courses. Can you try under the ... to choose Internet Explorer - or even better Firefox or Chrome?


Hi. I'm stuck to.. and I tried everything but won't work.
People up here mentioned firefox : is there something wrong with the browser ?
I'm using Linux (and Mozilla Firefox).


Ok everything fine, even with firefox : I copied and deleted the rest of the code, leaving only and then copied the code on the next level.
But what's wrong with that browser ?


Yes, it works for me too!


This is the only thing that works! Try this! Make sure you delete everything but copy it first. Then just have on your first line and you should be able to get by to the next level. Then just paste the rest of you webpage on and continue a normal!
Do it!


This is totally the best way ever~


I have had the same problem right now.
I'm using win10 Microsoft edge. It lets me go further only if I delete all my text and put style /style on the 1st line.
But it's just for Microsoft edge. 1st I tried to change my browser and in google chrome everything works fine even without deleting all text except of style /style. So I think this problem is somehow connected to browser that you are using.

Edit: style /style means using "<" and ">" too. It just doesn't show if I put "<" and ">" into reply.