Style.CSS not loading... completely blank


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There is no content inside of the style.css file. It si completely blank. I have tried resetting and I have tried three different browsers; Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

The index.html has all of its code, but nothing in style.css



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Hey Designace43146!
I have the same issue with my exercise. The CSS code in my stylesheet is missing.
I filed a bug report.
Please do the same and they will notice that there must be a system malfunction.

Hopefully they fix it soon.

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I have the same issue too! Think it may be a problem sitewide.

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Yeah this just happened to me too, hope they fix it

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I’m also having this issue.

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dang…I wonder is it only effecting the new(er) course, but hopefully not the old one?
I started both because I didn’t realize that they were phasing out the old course.
It appears that the old course is still o.k.
I was just working on it for a bit. I like the old course as review and they have more pro exercises to do.
So i’m stuck on the new course, but I can continue on with the old one until they fix the new one.
Maybe that’s idea for everyone?
The old one seems to be similar but there may be some updates in the new course so be careful!

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I have the same issue too

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I filed a bug report myself


Hey everyone, if this is the bug I think it is (that we’ve been seeing coming through in bug reports), then we’re aware of it and working on a fix. Stay tuned!


Just here to state that my style.css is also blank on every lesson. Clicking the reset exercise also just deletes everything.


I have the same issue. Filed multiple bug reports. Is there anyone who has the code. We can copy it and run it ourselves to progress in the course. Anyone?


Hey Vanshhere, I had posted about this CSS code bug in another thread and another client replied and told me that he talked to a pro advisor and that they don’t at the moment have the code. Which is too bad.

Hopefully it gets fixed soon! Everyone have patience!

Happy coding



Thanks to everyone for responding!

It seems the issue is now resolved and I can get back to learning. :slight_smile:

Happy coding!


Hi, dudes.
This problem I have . Wrote in support a few times. What do I do?
Please, help me :slight_smile:

same, except now my html is this:


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