Stupid question, Python 2 or 3?

I just got Pro…I started Python 2 but see they now have Python 3…i think ive read somewhere that there are just a few changes, like “adding parentheses around strings” and stuff like that, but im really not sure. I find myself thinking would i be wasting my time dong Python 2 only to have to unlearn habits or develop different ones in Python 3? should i just do Python 3? im sorry these question must be so lame for you guys but I appreciate your time and consideration.

Yes. No need to learn Python 2.

The thing to look for is the change comparison from the 2 to 3. ‘What is new in Python 3?’ would be a good search.


You should definitely learn Python 3. Not only does Python 2 no longer receive any updates or bug fixes, but Python 3 is the one being/that will be used in most cases.


To add to the above:

If you have Pro, do the Python3 course, on top of the few differences in the versions between 2 and 3, it is more in depth than the Python2 course.

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ive seen your mug a bit thru these forums over the months. thank you for your time and effort it is appreciated!