Stumped on While loops in JS - code won't run (6. solo flight)


Hi everyone! I'm completely stumped as to why this won't work. I'm afraid that I'm missing something obvious. Could anyone out there please enlighten me?? Cheers!

Intro to While loops is JS - 6. Solo Flight

Oops, try again. Did you log 'Looped once!' to the console?

var intCond = true;

var soloLoop = function(intCond) {
    while (intCond) {
        console.log("Looped once!");
        var intCond = false;


The variable was declared already so we never do that again, only redefine it.

intCond = false;

There is no parameter needed for this function. By adding it we create a new problem known as shadowing. The loop cannot see the actual value of the global variable because the locally declared variable is shadowing or blocking access.

var soloLoop = function () {

Continuing from above, the consequence of the locally declared variable is that it is undefined, which evaluates to false so the loop never ran.


Thanks so much mtf! Great explanations, really appreciate it!


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