Stumped on mixed booleans

I’m currently on this exercise:

The instructions aren’t quite clear to me, Am i supposed to enter in equations " (2 <= 2) " that result in true / false like in bool_one?

Any help on this would be appreciated!

Firstly, just a gentle reminder that the help here on the forums is very much on a “best efforts” basis rather than being an on-demand resource. Whilst there are a number of incredibly helpful members here, you may sometimes have to wait for a response - or you may not get one at all. :slight_smile:

The instructions are a bit… open-ended, shall we say.

Essentially, you’re being asked to use a combination of the three boolean operators and, or and not to make each of the boolean variables have the requested value.

For example:

# Make me false!
bool_one = (2 <= 2) and "Alpha" == "Bravo"  # We did this one for you!

The task here is to make the value of bool_one be False. (2 <= 2) would evaluate to True, "Alpha" == "Bravo" would evaluate to False, and so the end result of True and False would be False. We pass the task (though this one was done for us!).

So, for each of the following booleans - bool_two, for example - you may use whatever expression you like provided that you reach the correct outcome, which for bool_two would be True.

Does that help at all?