Stumped by "correct" answer to quiz question in Learn Python 3 Control Flow lesson

I’m baffled by the answer to a seemingly dead-simple question in the lesson quiz for the Control Flow lesson of the Learn Python 3 course/path/whatever:

I cannot get my head around how the bottom-most answer is correct, as the explanation message at the bottom suggests, and the option I chose is not (actually they all seem wrong, but i’ll get to that in a second).

Surely the negation of an if not() containing AND operators is equivalent to the expression with the relational operators (<, >) as well as the conditionals (and, or) inverted?

My thinking: only one of the expressions “age < 15”, “height<65”, or “rollercoaster != “Cyclone”” needs to evaluate to ‘true’ for the entire not() statement to evaluate to true–in fact, even age=15 or height=65 would make the not() true, so as far as i can tell none of the answers are truly equivalent to the initial statement.

Am I dead wrong here? Am I misunderstanding/misremembering some basic property of conditionals?

they’re all wrong.
and the “explanation” is especially wrong

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