Study gui for python

is there a lesson in codecadmey for study how to build program with gui in python? and what about reading and writing to a file?

One of the last lessons in the Python tutorial teaches you about reading and writing to a file.

As @tera5288723178 has already mentioned, the Codecademy Python material will introduce you to how to do read and write operations on files.

I don’t think that either the base Python 2 or 3 courses will introduce you to GUIs in Python, though. (Happy to be corrected if I’m wrong!)

If you want to build a GUI for a Python program, you can use the tkinter module.

The Python documentation contains more information on how this works here

tkinter makes the program looks like it was made in the 90’s or early 2000’s, no?

@donio2215, Python is not a great language to build a Gui application. Although there are a couple of UI libraries/frameworks/bindings:

you should consider if this is worth it, if you are going to use QT, why not use C++ directly? Or maybe react native?

What’s wrong with a delightful retro look? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, Tk does produce somewhat dated GUIs but it has the advantage of shipping as part of Python rather than being an add-on. Hence why I suggested it. :slight_smile: