Students operating without regulation..sort of?

I currently am running a small club that utilizes codecademy to teach students, 6th graders, how to do some basic CODEing, html, etc…I utilized the same format over the summer for a week long camp with some 7th graders. During the summer sessions, when students were working - if they made mistakes in their html, and attempted to save and move forward - it would not. It prompted them of a mistake, and they would have to fix, save and validate their work was complete and correct before the system allowed them to advance. Yet, currently, this is not the case. For some reason, my group is able to move ahead with out that similar check in place. In fact, students are able to click save and advance without typing in anything in and they’ll advance as if they accomplished that lesson. I’m not sure why and I am hopefully explaining my issue correctly. Unfortunately, I am utilizing the “free” service, so I don’t know if that has something to do with it? But strangely enough, while I’m trying to do the same activities as my students - I am being held with that same check. If I make a mistake, I’m unable to advance until mistakes are correct. Thoughts? Ideas? I’ve tried to find a contact email/phone number for codeacemy - and did shoot off an email to a couple addresses…but haven’t heard back. Thanks in advance for any help!!!

H Ed, are you able to pass along a bit more information?

  • URL to the course with the problem.
  • Screenshots showing an exercise accepting bad code.

That may not be a good example of the problem. That page is just an introduction and does not expect the learner to do anything except to hit Save & Submit Code button.

This lesson doesn’t require you to type in any code as its the first lesson you just need to have a look at the code and see index.html tab… Click save and submit

Lessons 2 onwards you need to start typing in code

I’ll look into getting a better one - sorry!