Student verification

i guess this verification doesn’t working for non-USA students or like that.i can’t add my school to system.

can you inform me thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, @designace54550. Can you provide a bit more detail?


Mine is also not working for Tel Aviv University. It just deletes the name as I try to type it in.

I’m in university in Turkey.but my school doesn’t listed in here.So i can’t give my school details to you.
in join pro sec

btw my school is : Hacettepe University

in Turkey

Please go here: and request access through the Google Form.

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Hi there, the link redirects to the articles page. Is it still possible to join the scholarship program?

link open this page : You’re not authorized to access this page

Well, this doesn’t work. As people mentioned before - all this link does is to re-direct you to a page that you are not authorised to access. It then asks you to verify your email and choose a new password. Quite shady.

I am a student and when filling in the form to verify that I am indeed a student nothing happens. Not a prompt that tells you that the verification is being processed or an email that tells you that you’ll have an answer in x minutes/hours/days, just nothing.

It seems that this has been an issue since mid-April. Why would people, let alone students who are operating on limited funds, trust you with said funds when you are not solving an issue like this? Just out of curiosity.

I hope that this will be solved before long.

Best regards.

Hi there @leank.hansen45854725. My sincerest apologies, but we are no longer offering student scholarships.

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