Student verification needed

Hi i am having troubles with code academy verification. And direct debit. The support dosent respond its been 2 days.

While regestering for account i used a virtual card and thought that i will change it before the date of deduction. But i have been trying. When ever i update card details it said error check card details. Now its been past due date and site says that i need to reverify the student verification. But when i click on link thry provide i get loaded into my home page.

I tried deleting account no matter what i do the page says please unsubscribe from plan. I dont have a plan yet.
What should i do???

Hi, we cannot answer billing questions on the forums.
The turn around time for support tickets is (I think) about 48 hours. If you don’t hear from them by tomorrow, trying contacting them again.


That would make it Friday when you contacted them, no? In which case, I don’t know whether CS work over the weekend.

As @lisalisaj said, someone ought to respond to your ticket within a (working) day or so… :slight_smile:

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