Student Becomes the Teacher: name has not the expected value


i am currently experiencing similar problem:
am getting a response that the key "name" doesnt have the value Lloyd in place.dont know what to do please

Student Becomes the Teacher: Lesson Number One
Student Becomes the Teacher: Lesson Number One

Hi try to remove the [ ] around your student name .


@wizmarco,thanks,it i only allowed to use the [] only for an empty value?


i think i figured out why the [] around the value for key "name" never worked....its because am expected not to use the [] for a string right?


@scord I've moved your question to another topic to keep the post readable. Also do not double post, there is an edit feature that you can use if you want to append something to your post. Otherwise the system considers your posts as spam by default so please don't do this.

and about the question yes ["string"] is not equal to "string".