Student Becomes the Teacher: Lesson Number One


Hello! Trying to accomplish this one.

Create three dictionaries: lloyd, alice, and tyler.
Give each dictionary the keys "name", "homework", "quizzes", and "tests".
Have the "name" key be the name of the student (that is, lloyd's name should be "Lloyd") and the other keys should be an empty list. (We'll fill in these lists soon!)

After typing:

lloyd={"name":"lloyd", "homework":"a","quizzes":[1,2,3],"tests":"c"}
alice={"name":"alice", "homework":"a","quizzes":[1,2,3],"tests":"c"}
tyler={"name":"tyler", "homework":"a","quizzes":[1,2,3],"tests":"c"}

I am getting this message: Oops, try again. The quizzes key does not have the value "[]" in your lloyd dictionary.

although I have prescribed " [] " to these keys already. Any hint, please? Thanks!


the homework, quizzes and tests keys should have empty lists as values

in your case, the homework key has a string as value (this should be a empty list)
the quizzes key has a list as value, but its not empty
the test key has a string as value, (this should be an empty list)


Thanks! I can understand the answer this time. Rare occasion! : )