Student becomes teacher lesson one


I did the code for Lesson one but I get a error message Oops, try again. Did you create a dictionary name lloyd? your code threw a "global name 'lloyd' is not defined" error.

this is my code
lloyd = {"name": "Lloyd", "homework", "quizzes", "tests"}
alice = {"name": "Alice", "homework", "quizzes", "tests"}
tyler = {"name": "Tyler", "homework", "quizzes", "tests"}

Lesson 1: Error "The name key does not have the value "Lloyd..."

Those are not dictionaries. Here is a set up for you to model from:

lloyd = {
    "name": "Lloyd",
    "homework": [],
    "quizzes": [],
    "tests": []

Repeat for the other two. The lists are empty for this exercise but will be populated with data in an upcoming lesson.


i have the same exact code but i get the error invalid syntax. When i copy pasted that in as a test, it worked, but i got the same error for the homework line of the alice dictionary. Is it a problem with code academy or my code?


same code as mtf not adidas


Telling us about your code is not helpful. Post the code, please. Thank you.


lloyd = {"name": "LLoyd",
"homework": [ ],
"quizzes": [ ],
"tests": [ ]
alice = {"name": "Alice",
"homework": [ ],
"quizzes": [ ],
"tests": [ ]
tyler = {"name": "Tyler",
"homework": [ ],
"quizzes": [ ],
"tests": [ ]

This is not working for Lesson 1. What am I doing wrong? Error message: The name key does not have the value "Lloyd" in your lloyd dictionary.


Try "Lloyd" instead of "LLoyd".


This was a minor slip, that I absolutely did not notice! Thanks man!


No problem! Glad it's working now.