Student Becomes Teacher Bug? wont accept "Lloyd"


Tells me there is no "Lloyd" in my dictionary 'lloyd' with the error message at bottom left.
It does complete the lesson with the code written, but will not proceed to lesson 2.

Code looks correct and displays the lesson complete message. The Lesson complete text is wrong aswell

type or paste code here:

lloyd = {
"name": ["Lloyd"],
"homework": [],
"quizzes": [],
"tests": []

alice = {
"name": ["Alice"],
"homework": [],
"quizzes": [],
"tests": []

tyler = {
"name": ["Tyler"],
"homework": [],
"quizzes": [],
"tests": []

Any and all help appreciated, thanks in advanced!


Just remove the brackets [] around all the names,



Lol Wow thank you. The brackets around the names makes it a list. instructions did not say to make the names a list.

The lesson complete message still shows
'you've earned a badge'
'A day at the supermarket'


Yea, glad I could help @fryontv :grin:


having a similar problem?


Double check your Dictionary syntax, looks a little off.

The code checker error clearly states your code error.
I can't tell you exactly where your error is but, you can look at the example in the above posts.
compare that code to yours.

Hope that helps and good luck.
let us know your results


i just added :[] onto the end of things and it worked


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