Navigate to the drama/ directory. List all files and directories in the working directory.

this what I have;

$ drama/
bash: drama/: Is a directory
$ ls
action comedy drama genres.txt


Hi @ctabacznyf ,

Try this to navigate to the drama/ directory ...

$ cd drama

Then, once there, one of your choices for listing all the files and directories is ...

$ ls

...and another is ...

$ ls -al

Try `em both :slightly_smiling:


Here's one more way to use cp.

Navigate up one directory from drama/historical/ to drama/.

How do I go upon doing this? thanks for all the help


Whenever you want to change directories, you must use cd. To move up one directory, use the code for parent: ... Put those together and you get this:

cd ..


I see now thanks... been a huge help!