25 More variable Practice (Javascript)

Error Message: Oops, try again. It looks like you didn't log the length of myCountry to the console.

My Code:

var myCountry = "New Hampshire";
console.log( "myCountry".length); 
console.log("myCountry".substring(0,3) );

What did I do wrong? The "Hint" didn't help:

Note that "New York" and "new york" are seen by the computer to be different strings. (i.e. "New York" is not the same as "new york")


myCountry and "myCountry" are not the same things.

myCountry is a variable name and in the code that you've shown it has a value of "New Hampshire".

"myCountry" is a string which is just as it is: "myCountry"

To see for yourself try printing them both:

console.log("myCountry");   // myCountry
console.log(myCountry);    // New Hampshire

Do you see how that works now?


Ohhhh, thanks for telling me. I get it now. So what I did wrong was that I wrote: myCountry instead of: "myCountry".


What you did wrong was the opposite of that.


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