I hit a loop here.
It seems like the code has been saved, and the editor is persistently trying to execute it again every the time I refresh the page. Reset code button provides no help.

The program took too long to finish. Check your code for infinite loops and try again.

for ($r = 0; $r = $r + 10;)


Hi there. I was in the same boat as you, when I was stuck on that page and the editor couldn't execute it well.

Please remove the semicolon after "+10". On the other hand, I think you had to set a limit for your loop. So it should look like this:

for ($r = 0; $r < 100; $r = $r + 10) {
          echo $r;

If nothing works, you can sacrifice your progress and reset your exercises.


I know the code is wrong. The thing is I can't reset it or rewrite. Each time I reload the page the saved line becomes executed. I can make changes but they will not be saved.
Here's the vid:


Yeah I've been through that as well. By the time you get that failed connection window, you should already refresh your browser's page then try to code. That's how I do. Otherwise, report this bug and do what I've told you earlier.


I think I'll have to reset the progress.
How can I report a bug? Isn't this topic a bug report already?


Looks like the PHP course hasn't any reporting button and/or section. Let's hope this topic will get under some mod's attention and that they will try to fix it.


I reset the progress and it didn't help, then I removed the cookies and it didn't help either. It looks like some serverside problem.
I've found a solution, it's here:


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