Stuck with the 7th step of Dear Diary project

I’m at the 7th step on the below Java project:

What I need to do here is that " Choose the Run ‘app’ command from the Run menu.

When you unlock the AVD screen, you should see the app on the device. The application name, My Android Diary , appears at the top of the screen, and the default sample text "Dear Diary" is displayed on the screen with our Multiline Text component. However, our Multiline Text input is at the coordinates 0, 0 . The red ! mark in Android Studio warned us of this."

I already ran but the application name and default sample text, both of them didn’t display on the screen as the above instruction. I got the below errors instead:

Could anyone kindly point out what might have gone wrong?

Hello @awkwineh183, welcome to the forums! Could you please post your code, the rest of the error and make sure you have constrained the XML element if you’re using constraint layout. See this post on how to format code in the forums.

Hello @codeneutrino thank you for the prompt response.

The code I have is:

The rest of the error is “AAPT: error: not well-formed (invalid token).” Please check the video where I reproduced the error:

I hope all this is sufficient for resolving this issue, if you need any more information please let me know.

Can you post the XML, please? Also, this article may be of help (it’s not directly on the issue, but may shed some light onto what parts of the issue means).

I hope this is the one.
I have checked the thread you mentioned, but I have no clue as to how this sheds some light onto my issue. I’m a newbie here :slight_smile:

Hello! I just resolved it myself. The stackoverflow article you gave me helped me a lot, a user mentioned on Validate XML files there.
This link pointed out a small error in my XML, so I fixed it and I ran the app again. Boom, it’s working as the Dear Diary project intended.
Once again, thank you so much for the assistance @codeneutrino .

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