Stuck with loading logo



Looks like Python in Spanish is loading eternally. However is working fine in English. Check below:



that is the old learning environment, which is no longer supported. So yes, its possible you run into bugs there


So which is the new one? Tnx


The one on the main site:


Please, is there any possibility to migrate my progress to this new environment?? I don´t want to start it again

This old environment shouldn´t be accesible since you cannot finish the training. I got stuck in “A day in supermarket” or something like that in english



no, there isn’t.

its possible to finish, but there might be bugs which you need to work around. The old course is not easy to find, its not featured on the main page, you would have to go out and look for it.

If you get stuck somewhere (within the supported course) you can make a topic with your question, if you include the exercise url, question, error message and code within the topic, we can help quick and effective.


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