Stuck with 23


I am not knowing what is my mistake. The code gets me the right answer but it shows 'Oops, try again.
You didn't select the right substring'. I am not able to go to the next lesson. Please help


@cloudrockstar18894, please post your code.


console.log( "january".substring(0,3) );


console.log( "january".substring(0,3) );

This is correct. Maybe problem with b or c.

b. "Melbourne is" in "Melbourne is great" (note the space!)
c. "burgers" in "Hamburgers"

Please post rest of code.


Note that the code is supposed to return Jan with a capital "J".


Thankkksss a lot it right now


thank you for your reply. I got the answer right. The 'j' in january was supposed to be capital J.


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