Stuck up in an problem


the_machine_goes = "ping!"
print the_machine_goes

Am i doing something wrong?Because i m not getting it.Please help


That is correct, there might be a misspelling or something


I just copy pasted the code here...but it is still showing errors


what error did you get? I put it into the top of my problem that I'm stuck on and it printed ping into the console as it should


Oops, try again. Did you set the_machine_goes equal to the string "Ping!"?


That is not a console error, its just the the lesson being picky, type exactly "Ping!"


i tried that bt still nt getting it.i ll try again later


You need to add " " when you want something printed. So it should be: print "the_machine_goes"


i need help i am have the same problem! the_machine_goes = "Ping!"
print "the_mechine_goes"


I'm stuck too. What the heck...


do a capital P in the ping


The checker throughout the course is very picky about what it wants and doesn't want. Capital letter and " vs ' are some of the things that will annoy you. Make sure it is exactly spelling, punctuation, capitals, quotes are all correct to the example.


there is one lesson where there is a variable and they say this is the answer:
fifth_letter = 'Y'
i typed this:
fifth_letter = 'Y'
please help me!


Hello, guys, I`ve stucked up with this problem too, what should I do ? Pls, help!!


No, that's only when you wan to print directly a string. Variables dont need quotation marks, because you wont get the variable's value, but it's name.


Get rid of the quotation marks


tnx man, It helped ^_^