Stuck, please help!


Hello all! As an absolute beginner, I am already stuck. Can someone please tell me why this is wrong:
3 ** 3
puts 3 ** 3
30 % 7
puts 30 % 7
Thank you!


Hi Emily,

Which exercise are you on?


Hi Zystvan, 1st lesson... second question... :pensive:


OK, so the instructions say:

Set the following variables to the corresponding values:

  • my_num to the value 25
  • my_boolean to the value true
  • my_string to the value "Ruby" (note the capitalization!)

And they provide you with some default code that looks like this:

my_num =     # Add your code here!

my_boolean =     # And here!

my_string =     # Also here.

Are you able to see anything different with your code versus what they provide you with/want you to do and what you currently have?