Stuck on where to start with Javascript plus Full Stack Course

Hi, I am working my way through the Full Stack Course and am now at the Javascript section. It has given me a lot of articles to read through but they all sounded quite advance for me and I really didn’t understand much. So I went onto Codecademy’s JavaScript course and the first exercise gives instructions to do things before even teaching you what they are! Am I missing something? Can anybody help me here because I feel so stuck! I really do.

I had that same notion. That they were expecting us to know how to do something before teaching. But luckily I had prior experience and was able to push through. Just don’t get discouraged. Just be sure to take advantage of all the resources they present to you. I dropped out of app academy for personal reasons but the curriculum is as good as app academy. The difference is that you get to move at your own pace. I think it was just a minor oversight on that particular section. It actually gets better.

Hello @dcbs10, welcome to the forums! One way that CC teaches (at least how I’ve observed it) is that they will get you to do something without telling you why, but will tell you why in the next exercise or two. I think this is to get one thinking about a concept before giving you an explanation.

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Thank you for replying! Yes i hope it will get better. It’s just frustrating being asked to do stuff that you haven’t even been taught about yet because it makes you think you have missed something.

Thank you for your reply. Ok, I hope that is the case and will continue on with it

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