Stuck on "Website" / "Rediret URI" when registering Spotify App

On the “Obtain a Spotify Token” step of this project, you are advised to use the Implicit Grant Flow option for authorization. But to use any kind of authoriziation on Spotify you need to register your project, and you need to provide at least a Redirect URI, and there is also a field for Website. I am unsure what to put into these fields, and this is a roadblock to me continuing with the project. I have a Github pages site where I may ultimately host this project, but I am unsure what to do to continue with local development of this project.

Here is a screenshot of the form:

While you are doing local development, set both the website and redirect URI to http://localhost:3000

When you are ready to use the live deployment, change it to your live URL :slight_smile:


Great, thank you, that’s clear!

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