Stuck on this code I think im doing it right


`let moonPhase = ‘full’;
let isFoogyNight = true;

if(moonPhase === ‘full’){
} else if(moonPhase === ‘mostly full’){
console.log(Arms and legs are getting hairier);}
else if (moonPhase === ‘mostly new’){
console.log(Back on two feet);
} else {
console.log(Invalid moon phase);

stuck on Let’s say the werewolf can only become its wolf form when there is a full moon and a it’s a foggy night.

We already have a moonPhase variable, so let’s start with making a isFoggyNight variable set equal to true .

Im confused I thought I created the variable properly and set it equal to true but I get this error

Did you set the isFoggyNight variable equal to a boolean?


please check your spelling/check for typos


Thank you so much so case sensitive !!! lol


Foogy vs Foggy has nothing to do with case sensitivity.


yeah I know lol user error thanks man


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