Stuck on the "<" slide in the Redirection lesson on "Learning the Command Line"

Hello, I’m having issues advancing through the “>” slide on the redirection portion of the “Learn the Command Line” course. I think I may have entered some commands I wasn’t supposed to and every time I type in the requested command of <$ cat > deserts.txt> it says I haven’t typed it in correctly. I think the output was messed up from some previous commands I was messing with. Is there any way to reset the file contents so I can input the command and move on?

Link to lesson:

Sorry I used the incorrect redirection symbol in the body. I meant to say the “<” slide on the redirection lesson. And the requested command is $ cat < lakes.txt. The screen shot is correct though.

I can’t access the exercise, but try clicking “Get Unstuck”. in the drop-down, there should be an option to Reset Exercise.


Awesome that worked, didn’t even see those options. Thank you!