Stuck on the Excursion project

I am confused on how to set up the github with the html and css files. Do I do it through the desk application? or directly through the website?

Am I supposed to create the files in terminal? i’m so lost. Please someone help me.

the projects says:

We’ll work with Git and GitHub on our local machines, so if you haven’t yet, refer to the articles on Command Line Interface Setup and Git Setup

Have you installed git on your local machine?

Git commands have to be executed through the command line

files can be created with a text-editor.


yes I am working on the online github page. The thing is that I do not see any of the files I created using terminal. I followed the instructions from the previous excersice or articles…and Nothing happens. I do not know what i am doing wrong.

well, any files you create on your local machine (your computer), you need to push to the github website, which is why you need to install git on your computer

did you install git bash?

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Im using IOS, I thought I was supposed to just used the application named Terminal. no?

macOS i might hope, IOS is the mobile operating system.

No, git is a program. You still need to install it, see here:

it seems for mac you first need to install homebrew

Yes, you can use the terminal but you still have to install git (git is a program). You can’t use a program which you haven’t installed

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OMG. So I was supposed to download it…
Thank you so much for your time and help!

Yes, git is just a computer program. You have to download a program before you can use it

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