Stuck on "Tables- Styling with CSS"

It says: You can use CSS to style tables just like you have done in the past.
However, this is the first time the course says anything about CSS. Is there something I’m missing?
Just using common sense, I changed the value to 18 px everyplace it says “font size”. But that doesn’t seem to have worked.

The two courses didn’t use to be separate of one another, and now they are. It looks like this will be your first lesson in Cascading Style Sheets.

As I recall, the only selector rule that gets 18px font size is th, td.


selector {
    /* comment */
        this is the declaration block
        of the selector rule
    property :colon value ;semi-colon  /* property declaration */

Locate the selector rule that looks like,

th, td {


The property to insert is,

font-size: 18px;

Thanks mtf, that helps.

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