Stuck on 'Switch' Code Your Own Adventure 2 JavaScript


I'm not sure what's wrong with my code here

var user = prompt("What do you do when attackd by a wild turkey?").toUpperCase();
case 'RUN':
console.log("He's a chasing you now!");
case 'ATTACK HIM':
console.log.("He's attacking back!");
case 'NOTHING':
console.log("He's gobbling");
console.log("The turkey lays flat on the ground");

I've checked for semicolons and colons and I keep getting the error that there's a problem with my Syntax "There was a problem with your syntax." Any idea what's going on? Any help is appreciated!!


There are paid advisors to deal with these issues. We are not really able to address Pro concerns. Sorry.


Just check your syntax again.
pro-tip: nothing wrong with colons or semicolons


Checking syntax is easier when you are using an app that helps you out a bit. Have a look at the indicators in the column before the line numbers.


Thanks I've found the 'console log' period from an advisor who pointed it out. It was right after the word log. Thank you for the resource @albionsrefuge it was very helpful as well to use the app! I will be using this in the future.