Stuck on String Concentration


The task is
"Print concatenation of Spam and eggs"

I enter
print "Spam " + "and " + "eggs " = wrong
print ""Spam" + "and " + "eggs " = wrong

What have I missed?

Oops, try again. It looks like you printed " Spam and eggs" instead of "Spam and eggs".


You have to watch your quotation marks. They're tough. Try:

print "Spam" + "and" + "eggs"


hey friends do not forget spaces
print "Spam " + "and " + "eggs"


you have a space after "eggs" that should not be there. You need a space after "Spam" and after "and", but not after "eggs".


You have to make a space in the quotation marks not in between the plus and the word, like this:
print"Spam " + "and " +"eggs"
You see how the second quotation quotation on Spam has a space?
Also there isnt one for eggs.
Hope i helped.:slight_smile: