Stuck On Searchcademy

Link to project:
Why is there an error:


f-string is python 3.6+, so I think that is the problem


But I tested my code again on a file called and it ran and it worked even though the file imported stuff from which caused the error on the above picture.

you could run your cod with python3 -c "..."

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Yes that’s good. The project asked be to use this format:
python -c "..."
. Why does the project ask me to do that?

according to python --help:

-c cmd : program passed in as string (terminates option list)

Not an option I would use very quickly, but might be an easy way to test different lists?

I’m might not test it because I don’t need to(It’s working fine) and I’ve finished the project.

The reason it didn’t work was because python -c uses the system’s default Python interpreter, which in the case of this project is probably Python 2. calling python3 -c specifically calls a Python 3 interpreter, which would work. This is a Codecademy bug and should be reported using the built-in bug report feature.

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