Stuck on Rock Paper Scissor Project Please Help

1/ "The user should be able to choose ‘rock’, ‘paper’, or ‘scissors’ when the game starts.

Using const and arrow function syntax, create a function named getUserChoice that takes a single parameter userInput ."

Hi’ Can someone explain this Question to me. This is Step 1 on the Rock Papers Scissors Project in Java Script. It says Use a CONST variable to Create a Function? Why would you do that? You surely just use a function to create a function? I’ve done what it says by inserting the following line of code const getUserChoice = (userInput) => {
and it keeps returning error message? Please Help?

Hello @ithomas123, welcome to the forums! Yes, it does mean create a function the way you’ve done it. Can you post the error it is throwing?

Using arrow syntax is a big part of JavaScript, so I think the project wants to give you practise in using them.

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