Stuck on question 13

I’m stuck on question 13

How do you make an image a link

here is my code that is still wrong

	<a href=
	<img src=""/

Please paste your full HTML code using the following format:


I’m not sure if I understand you question you want your image to have a link ?

First lets get the a tag (link) and img tag syntax

For a link:

<a href=""> <!--- Opening tag and adding your link --->
any text you want linked up <!--- the content which will be linked up --->
</a> <!--- closing your link up --->

I added in comments and separated the code between lines so its easy to understand

For an image:

<img src="http://www.anyimgurl.jpg" /> 

So to link up an image you will put in your img code instead of text as shown above

Hope this helps

I’m still stuck, it say “Make sure you have 3 elements. One should be a just a link, one should be just a picture and one should be a picture with a link!” please help.