Stuck on question 12


Help pls


Try to remove the <a> opening tag in line 9 and the </a> closing tag in line 12. the error message pop out because your <a> opening tag doesnt have href attribute.


@j.michel Yes you need to remove the a tag on line 9 as @gracia17 said..

@gracia17 the closing tag on line 13 is correct its to close the a tag on line 10


Wow, i was stuck for a while and never saw this mistake. Thank you both @zainabrawat and @garcia17 grin:


sorry, i meant @gracia17


I'm stuck on question 12 I don't understand what to do I have read th insructions like a million times but I still don't understand


@dylanannemiller2003, we can't help you like this. Please read the guidelines, if you need help, post your code, so we can help you understand what is wrong



nevermind:grinning: I finally got it woohooo!!!!!


for next time, use one of the two following options to make your code/indent is visible:

select your code and press ctrl + shift + c (or cmd + shift + c if you use a mac)

if this instructions are unclear, you can also insert 3 backticks before and after your code, like so:


the backtick is located above the tab key on your keyboard