Stuck on Pulling Together need help


Hello I have been trying my code but it doesnt work and i dont know why

def hotel_cost(nights):
cost_hotel= nights*140
return cost_hotel

def plane_ride_cost (city):
if city=="Charlotte":
return 183
elif city=="Tampa":
return 220
elif city=="Pittsburgh":
return 222
elif city=="Los Angeles":
return 475

def rental_car_cost(days):
if days >= 7:
return (40*days) - 50
elif days >= 3:
return (40*days) - 20
return 40*days

def trip_cost(city,days,spending_money):
return hotel_cost(days) + plane_ride_cost(city) + rental_car_cost(days) + spending_money
print trip_cost('Los Angeles',5,600)`

Plan your trip,

If the code was copied, it may have lost its indentation, which is what I suspect. The code itself is alright.