Stuck on "Nested elements" in CSS tutorial

I’m stuck on “Nested Elements” in CSS Tutorial (FAQ: Learn CSS Selectors Visual Rules - CSS Setup Selectors - Nested Elements).
The task is radically simple:

  1. Navigate to style.css . Add a selector that targets all of the h5 elements nested inside elements with class .description .
  2. Inside the curly braces of the selector, write:
    But compiler still objects my code insertion into style.css:
    .description h5 {color: teal;}
    with Error:
    Did you write ‘color: teal’ inside the curly braces for the description h5 selector?

It’s actually the lesson checker, known as the SCT (Submission Correctness Test) that delivered that error message, not the interpreter/compiler.

It could be simply the pattern in how the selector rule is written.

.description h5 {
    color: teal;


.description h5 { color: teal; }

Try it and see if that solves things.

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