Stuck on Navigation CSS layout


Here is what the instructions say:

        **The navigation menus are made up of two ul elements. In each ul, the li elements display on new lines because they are block elements. Let's style the li elements so that they display on the same line. This can be done with the display property.**

        **In main.css**

Make a new CSS rule that selects all li elements nested inside

.Change the li elements from being block elements to inline elements by setting the display to inline.

This is what i put:
.nav h1 {
display: inline;

But it gives me this : Oops, try again.
Set the display of the li elements inside

to inline

Please Help!



You have selected the h1 elements but the exercise is asking you to select the li elements. Once you change that, your new CSS rule will be correct.


instead use li......
Thank me later


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Cheers mate :smiley: