Stuck on Manipulation #6 last step

I’m having trouble on the last step. Can anyone help?

Are you stuck on step #7? Where you navigate to the destination directory to see if all ‘m’ files were moved?

I know another person had an issue with this same problem that existed because the instructions suggest you are in another starting directory than you actually are.

The instructions direct you to enter $ cd ../../comedy, or go back two directories and enter the comedy directory. Unfortunately this command will fail.

$ pwd
$ ls
action  comedy  drama  genres.txt

Using pwd and ls to acquaint ourselves we see we are already in the “movies” directory and only need to type this to enter the comedy directory.

$ cd comedy

Using relative path finding commands such as ../../ are good for moving around but if you ever get lost, try printing your current directory path and listing the files and folders in it.

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