Stuck on Manipulation (2.4; drama/biopic) "List all files and directories in the working directory."


Hi everyone, the exercise doesn’t allow me to move forward. I am in the correct directory, yet none of my commands (pwd, ls, ls -a, ls -l, ls -alt) makes the lesson advance.


you have to navigate to the drama/biopic directory typing exact same command what the
instruction wants



Okay, that works to move the exercise along, thanks… although the console says there is no such directory.

Edit: turns out, the exercise window doesn’t care if you’re actually doing the right thing (if you’re in the correct directory etc.) as long as you copy the example code exactly…


For people who are stuck in 5/10 last exercise,
What i did was
I navigated inside biopic
made a directory using mkdir historical
navigated inside historical
and did a ls -l


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