Stuck on Manhattan Zoo Git Exercise

Hello, I’m new to coding and enjoying the learning, however I’ve encountered a stumper which I don’t know hwo to proceed with. I’m on the Manhattan Zoo project exercise for learning to use the github tool.

Specifically I’m grappling with step ten which instructs you to add entries for two other animals and then to commit each time. I’ve tried a few thigns and for some reason everthing seems stuck I’ve checked pwd and ls and both seem to verify I’m in the right place and that the necessary files are present. For some reason it won’t allow me to commit my changes stating instead “nothing to commit, working directory clean”, I’ve tried using add to re-add the meal-regimens.txt, however that doesn’t seem to be working. checking status gives me the same message as attempting to commit.

I’m confused at this point and I feel as if I’ve exhausted everything I know how to do now.