Stuck on ls-alt exercise

This is the exercise that I’am supposed to complete:

**Let’s move on to copying, moving, and removing files and directories from the command line.

Navigate to the drama/biopic/ directory.

cd …/drama/biopic/
List all files and directories in the working directory’**

This is my solution to this exercise:

pwd --> home/ccuser/workspace/movies
ls --> action comedy drama genres.txt
cd drama/biopic
ls --> cleopatra.txt frida.txt lincoln.txt notorious.txt ray.txt

Now I believe that I did it right. but the only thing that happens is that the icon that is supposed to show a green mark that shows I did it right, just shows a loading icon for a second and then nothing happens. I can’t press next so skipping this exercise isn’t an option. I also tried a different browser already, but that didn’t seem to help either.


I have not done command line exercises, yet, this has happened to me with python exercises. I reported the problem through “bug report” and in fed days it was fixed. Perhaps there’s a random crash that will disappear in a while. Do you still have to problem?

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