Stuck on Lesson 4 (LEARN TO COMMAND LINE)


I'm not sure if The Working Directory here is (blog/) or not!
when i typed it as a working directory then pressed Enter the result was" No such file or directory"
so can anyone tell me what is the working directory here?
also how can I List all files& directories in the working directory?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Lesson 4

Replace this line with your code.


well, pwd will give you the current working directory. Which you have?

well, blog is not available in the current directory because you are inside this folder. if you do:

cd ..

which will navigate up one directory, you can do: blog/, then you will be told that blog is a directory


yes it works :slight_smile: thank u :slight_smile:
can u tell me how to list the files & directories, please?


ls, maybe you should write commands down?

If you need more information about a command you can use man from manual, for example man ls


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