Hello all,

making good progress through the —LEARN INTERMEDIATE JAVASCRIPT course.

However I can’t fix this fairly simple modules exercise. There is no console with the challenge nor any ‘solution code’. I’ve emailed support and they have been no help.

Can anyone see what his doesn’t work or is it an issue with the app?


Any help appreciated!


Can you provide a link to the challenge itself please?

heya - I did above! There’s a shared link to a forked version of the project.

Ive got the same issue here:

If I pasted it into VScode it works fine, but does not work here. a bit frustrating as reading the forums this looks like it has been a thing for a good few years.

In the console (that you can get to using the browser’s “Developer Tools” menu)
it says there’s an error:
Uncaught SyntaxError: The requested module './salaryData.js' does not provide an export named 'default' (at workAroundModule.js:3:8)
I think that means that you’re missing a default export in salaryData.js
something like
export default salaryData;
should be at the end of that file
so that the salaryData object is the default export.

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Genius, i think you are right! I wish I understood how you figgured that out but it certainly fixed it :slight_smile: