STUCK ON LE NO.2 Build a resume


Hi friends ,
As per instructions i created 4 divs then I hit save  and submit  it says way to start your next lesson.
But i did not understand  the CSS .I mean this :

On the CSS tab, give all your divs whatever styling you like! We recommend giving them all a border-radius of 5px for that rounded corner look.


In middle screen of your course-section,
in the top you see
a index.html -tab ( you can click on this tab )
a stylesheet.css-tab ( you can click on this tab )

It is in this stylesheet.css
you will put every thing to give your HTML-Document some style....
like each DIV-Tag should become a border-radius of 5px

A CSS-rule consists of a SELECTOR like our div
and some properties like our border-radius: 5px;
These properties are grouped together and encapsulated in a pair of curly-brackets-{ }

div {
   border-radius: 5px;


Thanks a lot it really helped me